Up Calls: Welcome to FFH & QCTU Edition

Up Calls will give you a quick heads up and brief thoughts about what’s going on in our Ultimate universe.

  • SkydMagazine gave FFH a lovely shout out in not one, but two Dumps segments. Thanks guys!
  • Skyd also has already gotten up their Women’s Preview by Robyn Fennig, who I’ll have the pleasure of working with this weekend. Their Open preview is said to be out today, might be BJ of No Look Scoober behind that. Always good work. Will update with link when available.
  • Ultiworld also has their Women’s Preview (from UNC’s Shellie Cohen, she knows her stuff) and their Open Preview up to digest. Open calls for UNC, Tufts, MSU, and Michigan to make the Semis, but you’ll have to read to find out how they got there and who Ultiworld thinks will take it all…
  • Speaking of QCTU Open, I tweeted out my abbreviated What I Want to Watch on that side of things: For #QCTUOpen, watching for R1: MSU vs Cinci R2: UNC vs ASU R3: Georgetown vs UVA/PSU vs NC St R4: UGA vs ASU R5: Tufts vs MSU/UNC vs ASU.
  • Thanks for all who took the time to check out FFH’s debut. Please let me know any feedback you have!

I’ll be tweeting out updates, news, and maybe even links to some footage from the weekend, so stay be sure to follow us FFH on Twitter. I’m shouting out some ballin’ ladies as we speak.

4 thoughts on “Up Calls: Welcome to FFH & QCTU Edition

      • Interesting look. No harvard? Also I see pools A and B as being very soft. Also what is the rational behind Cincinatti? They have some good players but not enough depth in my opinion a lot like EMU but with less talent.

      • Just from their additions and growth. They keep not graduating key players but their current guys get more club experience. I’d be interested at seeing how Harvard is operating offensively. I like Pool A because I like ASU and think UGA is sneaky but inconsistent. I’ll admit to less knowledge on these teams though. Going on what I do know.

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