Weekend Slate: Regionals Finale, MLU Week 3, AUDL Week 5

What a weekend queue’d up. After this weekend, we should know our College Championships field and a lot more about who is likely to be in the mix at the end of the Pro seasons.


  • DC Current (0-2) @ PHI Spinners (2-0)
  • BOS Whitecaps (2-0) @ NY Rumble (0-2)
  • SEA Rainmakers (2-0) @ SF Dogfish (2-0)
  • POR Stags (0-3) @ VAN Nighthawks (1-2)

The Current and Rumble will both look to keep the East from being a two man race. Neither has looked out of their depth this year and a few adjustments or breaks their way could be all they need. In the West, Seattle and SF, both missing key roster players, square off in a game that will decide the West’s lead all the same. The Stags are in dire straits and need to get one in the win column.


  • MAD Radicals (2-1) @ MIN Wind Chill (1-2) (Friday)
  • DET Mechanix (2-1) @ MIN Wind Chill (1-2)
  • NY Empire (1-1) @ DC Breeze (1-1)
  • TOR Rush (4-0) @ NJ Hammerheads (1-1)
  • WC Wildfire (3-1) @ IND Alleycats (1-2)
  • PHI Phoenix (1-1) @ DC Breeze (1-1) (Sunday)
  • DET Mechanix (2-1) @ CIN Revolution (1-3) (Sunday)
  • ROC Dragons (0-4) @ NJ Hammerheads (1-1) (Sunday)

The East division of the AUDL could see some separation after this weekend. Currently, only the Rush and Dragons have differentiated themselves (by record). The Phoenix and Empire can compare themselves against the Breeze. In the West, Detroit has a big weekend on tap, and coming away with a win in their two games would be pretty big. The Wind Chill are in a similar situation.

USAU College Series


Check out FFH’s full Regional previews for all the good stuff!

  • New England Regionals is Tufts’s to lose, but they have a second bid… and therein lies the rub. Northeastern and Dartmouth look like the top candidates to make their way to Madison. Rebecca Ginsburg and Shelby Parton will need to be playmakers for Northeastern and Dartmouth will be hoping a travel-heavy schedule to see strong competition will pay off when it counts. I’m curious if Tufts can match Ohio State’s dominance. Apologies for not getting a full preview up in time!
  • A crazy five bids will be won in Cedar Falls, IA at North Central Regionals, but they have five very strong teams at the top. What order they fall in will be curious. Should Iowa, Carleton, or Iowa State win, they could be in line for a #1 seed at the College Championships. Expect a slugfest.
  • Northwest Regionals will field a strong group of teams aiming at four bids. Oregon and British Columbia are the top two, but returning National Champ Washington and upstart Victoria don’t want to be left out. Another “how will they finish?” case for the weekend.
  • A brutal 7 team round robin format is in play at Southeast Regionals after their postponement cost them three teams. With two bids up in the air and a hungry trio of teams, plus some darkhorse candidates, added to roster and possible weather variability, there is bound to be some drama in Tupelo, MS.
  • The mighty Southwest Region is a bit bid-strapped this year, with Southwest Regionals only sending two teams to the big show. Santa Barbara is a favorite, but after that, it could get messy. A wide range of teams will be scratching and clawing to make their impact in a Region that typically has high expectations across the board.


  • New England Regionals features three top contenders battling for a pair of spots, and interesting storylines throughout. Dartmouth is undefeated against regional opponents, which could prove their trump card, but Tufts and Harvard have been stronger against out of region competition. A few dark horse teams have what it takes to upset someone. I may be biased, but I’m calling Harvard to take one of the bids.
  • After being relocated for snow, North Central Regionals plans to settle who will take the three bids to the Championships. It looks pretty clear cut that Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Carleton will be at the top, but we don’t know in what order. Can Luther or Northern Iowa play spoiler? It’ll be an uphill battle and word is that conditions are pretty…well, North Central-y.
  • Southeast Regionals is suffering from their postponement, ending up with an odd 13-team tournament and three bids up for grabs. Who knows what impact it’ll have on teams’ rosters. Mainly, it looks like six teams are in the mix, with UCF, FSU, and UF being the teams to beat.
  • There was a lot of drama about the two-bid Southwest Regionals‘ seeding, but once they are on the field, it doesn’t matter anymore. Arizona is the trendy pick, despite being the 5th seed, but can SDSU validate their twitter whining? Can LPC validate their #2 seed? Is Stanford back? Questions abound, answers incoming.

Up Calls: Bids to Natties, pro ulti, Skyd 5

Let’s just jump in (College Series brief recaps at the end):


  • Skyd announced their Wild Card candidates for the Skyd Five Callahan nominees, their shortlist of top players. On the Women’s side, UNC-Wilmington’s Claire Chastain was chosen. On the Open side, Texas’s Will Driscoll was chosen.
  • Brodie Smith’s China Trick Shot video is attracting some attention. Honestly? It was super awkward, but that’s just me.
  • Skyd’s also collecting – and updating – this Callahan videos page. Who needs RSD? Shouts out to Reddit though.
  • Know some kids who wanna play Ultimate? Nike Ultimate camps, offering overnight and day camp.
  • Here are you College Championships Qualifiers. Skip this if you wanna read more detailed stuff below: (Open) Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, UNC-Wilmington, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Cornell, Oregon, Washington, Illinois; (Women) Virginia, Texas, Ohio State, Ottawa, Northwestern.

MLU Scoreboard

  • PHI Spinners @ NY Rumble: The usual suspects were at it in this one, with Hirranet, Murray, and Shull turning in strong Spinners’ stats. Chris Mazur put up a fight for the Rumble, with Ben Faust turning in a nice first half and Jonathan Cox picking up slack in the second. It wasn’t enough for NY, Spinners win, 19-17.
  • BOS Whitecaps @ DC Current: Lots of hucks in the first half of this one, but tight all the way, 11-11 at half. Peter Prial made a great debut for the Whitecaps, involved in a lot of plays. Boston wins, 20-19.
  • POR Stags @ SEA Rainmakers: Seth Wiggins was putting on a clinic in Seattle, filling up the stat sheet. It was 7-7 as the teams neared half, but Seattle scored a pair for 9-7, and rolled from there. Rainmakers win, 18-12.
  • SF Dogfish @ VAN Nighthawks: The Nighthawks would spend the first half trailing, but take the lead twice in the second half. With under a minute to go, a hammer tied it at 17s. San Francisco would work the field, call a timeout, and bury the game winning score with 6 seconds left. Dogfish win, 17-16.
  • VAN Nighthawks @ POR Stags (Sunday): After trading their way up to 5s, the Nighthawks would get a little breathing room, taking half 12-9. Despite Ben Lohre and Ben McGinns solid outings, they could never get it closer than two from there.. Nighthawks get the W, 21-17.

AUDL Scoreboard

  • ROC Dragons @ PHI Phoenix: The Phoenix’s home opener saw them get out to an early lead. Over time, the Philly team would just overwhelm the Dragons. This team is not a fluke. Phoenix wins, 26-14.
  • TOR Rush @ NY Empire: Isaiah Masek-Kelly (3G, 2A), Jeff Lindquist (5G, 2A), and Cameron Harris (6A, all second half) led the way for the visiting Rush, overcoming the Husayn Carnegie show that is the Empire. Lots of layouts from him, but Rush win, 22-14.
  • DET Mechanix @ CIN Revolution: Saturday’s rain in Cinci kept this to a low scoring affair – and even stopped the game for roughly 30 mins – but could not stop the road team from stealing a win. The Mechanix move above .500, Detroit wins 15-11.
  • WC Wildifre @ IND Alleycats: A really tight first half in this one, but the Wildfire trio of Brodie Smith, AJ Nelson, and Geoff Serednesky proved too much, with a big run late in the game to open it up. Wildfire win, 25-15.
  • MAD Radicals @ MIN Wind Chill: The visitors played a tight one and emerged the winner of the first game in this classic rivalry. Madison wins, 22-20.
  • ROC Dragons @ DC Breeze (Sunday): An exciting game for a Breeze team hungry for their first win and the Dragons on a back to back after being severely shorthanded by Regionals eating up a lot of their roster. The teams went to OT, where the Breeze’s TJ Ryan caught a score with 4 seconds left to force sudden death double OT. The Breeze would pull it out with a score from Justin Solis, Breeze win 26-25
  • CIN Revolution @ WC Wildfire (Sunday): Brodie Smith had a dominant first half for the Wildfire, but the Revolution D-line would not quit, keeping it close. However, the Wildfire closed hard, winning the 4th quarter 7-3, making a Windy City win, 23-16.
  • TOR Rush @ NJ Hammerheads: The Rush took a 20-9 lead into the half. The Hammerheads – ME Regionals taking some of their talent – actually won the second half, but moral victories don’t get you into the playoffs. Rush win, 29-19.

USAU College Series

A brief Saturday recap/Sunday preview can be found here.


  • Atlantic Coast Regionals was one of the more dramatic weekend tournaments. Virginia, after playing just 32 points in the Quarters and Semis, came into the Final fresh. North Carolina played 49 points coming into, a little over half a game more. This was in large part because Pleiades had to go through rival UNC-W, who they beat 15-13, in the Semi. However, the Carolina women fought and kept it very close, demonstrating what a quality them they (and by extension, UNC-W) are. They’d fall 12-15. Virginia advances to the College Championships.
  • Metro East Regionals was no easy region. The top four seeds all made their into the Semi, though Rochester took a strong push from Princeton, 14-12. Both Semis were good games, Ottawa beating Cornell 12-10 and NYU topping Rochester 14-12. It was a blow for blow Final, but Ottawa keeps the status quo with a very tight 11-9 win. Ottawa advances to the College Championships.
  • Great Lakes Regionals despite Purdue and Notre Dame’s Semis runs, this Region sort of all seemed like it would going to come down to Michigan vs. Northwestern. The two top teams in the Region battled it out, and Gung Ho gutted out the win, 15-12. Northwestern advances to the College Championships.
  • Ohio Valley Regionals is a Region that belongs firmly to Ohio State Fever. I said in my preview that “anything less than dominance is not an option.” Well, they delivered. Fever never gave up more than 4 points. Pitt’s first round 11-10 win over Penn might have taken some of their energy away, but rolled in the Semifinal. Fever won the Final, 15-1, a hell of a statement. Ohio State advances to the College Championships.
  • Southeast Regionals…was rained (well, lightning’d, actually) out and postponed until next weekend.
  • South Central Regionals saw the surprises of Saturday give way to more expected results Sunday. Colorado and Texas both made Semis, along with a strong Colorado College squad and a determined Texas A&M team. Neither could keep up with the Regional powers, setting up a rematch of Saturday’s Pool A top end. Melee took half 8-6, and Colorado wasn’t really able to close the gap, leading to a 14-9, Texas win. Texas advances to the College Championships.


  • Atlantic Coast Regionals worked out with the teams you’d expect, but not in the way you might have thought it would. Virginia Tech would upset UNC-Wilmington, 15-14, in the Semifinal, to get a shot at North Carolina. North Carolina had no trouble with Burn. UNC-Wilmington would fight back to the backdoor game to go and get their rematch on VT. Vengeance is a dish best served with your season on the line, and the Seamen got it, 15-6. North Carolina and UNC-Wilmington advance to the College Championships.
  • Great Lakes Regionals was perhaps the most up-for-grabs of any Regionals. The top four seeds all played their way into Semis unscathed, and finally got down to business. Michigan knocked out Eastern Michigan and Illinois surprised Michigan State. Despite expectations for Michigan to finish strong, Illinois broke through with a healthy roster, winning 15-12. Illinois advances to the College Championships.
  • Metro East Regionals went to the status quo on the Women’s side, but would the men suffer the same fate? The #1 seed Cornell Buds would beat Queens-Kingston in Quarters, Princeton in Semis, but run into a talented and gutsy UConn team in the FInal. UConn was no match, Buds roll 15-6. Cornell advances to the College Championships.
  • Northwest Regionals went to Oregon, no question. They showed they were in another class. But with a second bid up for grabs, Saturday’s effects creeped into Sunday’s results. I can’t help but think Whitman – who struggled in pool play, and had to play an additional two games Sunday – was at a significant disadvantage going into the Final against Washington. Washington takes care of business, 13-11. Washington advances to the College Championships.
  • Ohio Valley Regionals had the potential for excitement, but was mostly expected to go one way. And it did. Ohio nearly upset Pitt in the Final, but Pitt put together a strong second half to take the Region. Ohio played Penn State, who put down Cinci, in the game to go, and controlled the game, 15-5.
  • Southeast Regionals has been postponed. Stay tuned.
  • South Central Regionals went to Texas, 15-12, over Colorado, but with a second bid up for grab, the story continued. Texas A&M, who lost in Semis, fought their way through Kansas and Missouri to get back to the game to go. Facing Colorado, who knocked them out of the championship bracket, they came to play. However, Mamabird proved the stronger, winning 15-11. Texas and Colorado advance to the College Championships.
  • Northwoods Conference Championships saw Minnesota beat Carleton 13-8 in the Final. Wisconsin-Mankato and Minnesota-Duluth also qualify for North Central Regionals.

Weekend Slate: Regionals Begin, MLU and AUDL Week 2

The thrill of Regionals Weekend(s) is (are) here! Not only that, but we’ve got proultimate going on. Let’s look around:


  • PHI Spinners (1-0) @ NY Rumble (0-1)
  • BOS Whitecaps (1-0) @ DC Current (0-1)
  • POR Stags (0-1) @ SEA Rainmakers (1-0)
  • SF Dogfish (1-0) @ VAN Nighthawks (0-1)
  • VAN Nighthawks (0-1) @ POR Stags (0-1) (Sunday)

All of these teams are still finding their chemistry and their way around the pro fields, save the Spinners. However, Week 1 gave us lots of close games. The DC Current seem like a team with a lot of offensive firepower, but failed to display it against the Spinners. They’ll to correct that. Can someone cover (read: back) Jeff Graham? And Prial too? Vancouver & Portland take on the league’s first back to back, which proved pretty impactful in the AUDL.


  • ROC Dragons (0-2) @ PHI Phoenix (0-1)
  • TOR Rush (2-0) @ NY Empire (1-0)
  • DET Mechanix (1-1) @ CIN Revolution (1-1)
  • WC Wildifre (1-1) @ IND Alleycats (1-1)
  • MAD Radicals (1-1) @ MIN Wind Chill (1-1)
  • ROC Dragons (0-2) @ DC Breeze (0-1) (Sunday)
  • CIN Revolution (1-1) @ WC Wildfire (1-1) (Sunday)
  • TOR Rush (2-0) @ NJ Hammerheads (1-0) (Sunday)

The back to back proved to be the Achilles’s heel of the AUDL, claiming three victims and nearly taking down a fourth in Toron’o. The Hammerheards hope to capitalize where the Phoenix faltered. The Madison/Minnesota rivalry continues into the Pros, which should be very exciting. We’ll also get a better look at the Phoenix and Mechanix. The Breeze will look to rebound from a pretty abysmal start, catching a winless Rochester on the backend. That’s one they need to show up for.

USAU College Series


For more extensive coverage, check out FFH’s Regional Previews from the home page or by clicking the Region (AC and ME coming soon).

  • Atlantic Coast Regionals is widely regarded as having been “screwed’, with three high quality teams vying for a single bid. #1 seed Virginia has asserted themselves all year, but North Carolina and a peaking UNC-Wilmington team (and Skyd 5 Callahan nominee Claire Chastain) will have other ideas.
  • Metro East Regionals is another one bid region in a region that has historically been dominated by #1 seed Ottawa. However, #2 seed NYU has been building all year for this opportunity, and #3 seed Rochester and #4 seed Cornell see that bid as theirs. This one calls for drama.
  • Great Lakes Regionals continues the one bid trend, but who the favorite is isn’t as clear. Can #1 seed Notre Dame defend their spot, or will traditional powerhouses #2 seed Michigan or #3 seed Northwestern restore order?
  • Ohio Valley Regionals is…no, I’ll let you guess how many bids. Did you say one? You got it! You could probably say the same to #1 seed Ohio State, as dominant a favorite as you’ll find this year. They’ll aim to destroy #2 seed Penn, #3 seed Pitt, and all other comers.
  • Southeast Regionals…was rained (well, lightning’d, actually) out and postponed until next weekend. This could severely impact the strength of the teams and throws things into a bit of chaos. We’ll have more next week. For the record, they have two bids, not just one.
  • South Central Regionals features #1 seed Colorado taking on a bevy of challengers, from up and coming #2 seed Texas A&M, mercurial #3 seed Texas, and underseeded Colorado College. With just the one bid, there’s no room for mistakes in Kansas City.


  • Atlantic Coast Regionals is a two bid tournament with two definite favorites in North Carolina and UNC-Wilmington. They have plenty of teams capable of putting their backs to the wall, like Maryland and Georgetown. Plus, its a double elim bracket!
  • Great Lakes Regionals has plenty of intrigue, with a single bid and cases to be made for a few teams. Most of these teams have something to prove, with nobody having a dominant season. Old blood Michigan looks like the slim favorite here, but is Eastern Michigan for real? Is Michigan State peaking? Has Illinois been hiding? Put up or shut up in Rockford.
  • Metro East Regionals has been the Cornell show, and this is another year where everyone is saying “We’ll get you this time!” Cornell hasn’t exactly blown anyone away, so maybe UConn, NYU, Princeton, SUNY-Buffalo, or Queens-Kingston can finally do it?
  • Northwest Regionals is lead by heavy favorite Oregon Ego, but they have a second bid for everyone to fight over. Whitman and Washington have emerged as the teams to beat for that second bid.
  • Ohio Valley Regionals is pretty much like AC Regionals – two bids, heavy favorite, second favorite, and a few challengers. Pittsburgh is expected to win one and Ohio has been very effective in region. Carnegie-Mellon, Ohio State, Penn State and Cincinnati all see Ohio and see a team they think they can beat.
  • Southeast Regionals has been postponed. Stay tuned.
  • South Central Regionals is a two bid show with three teams everyone has their eye on. Colorado may have separated themselves, but Texas and Texas A&M also have potential to take the bids. Double elim bracket. Side note: For some reason, I like Oklahoma. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them do well.
  • Northwoods Conference Championships are finally happening! Will Minnesota and Carleton even try against each other?

Up Calls: Pro Ultimate Scoreboard, Conference Championships, Degirolamo

We’ve got a huge weekend ahead of us. The MLU & AUDL should make sure the Ultimate world stays busy. Plus, it is time to start arguing about All-Region teams and Callahan winners. And Fantasy teams.

  • Pittsburgh’s Tyler Degirolamo has a (lengthy and) highlight-packed Callahan video. From the action I’ve watched this season, I haven’t seen a more dominant college open player this year.
  • FFH gathered up some other notable Ultimate talking heads for a seven team MLU Fantasy draft. It is ongoing, but if you’re into Fantasy, check out Twitter to follow the draft. So far, I’ve got Mac Taylor, Sean Keegan, and Teddy Browar-Jarus.
  • Speaking of Pro Ultimate, just a shout out for MLU’s streaming presentation. Once they get past the technical errors, it looks pretty good.
  • USAU announced that D-III would have separate All-Region, FOTY, and POTY awards this season.
  • In Youth Ultimate, the prestigious Paideia Cup took place in Atlanta a weekend back. Hometown powerhouse Paideia had a disastrous weekend, losing to De Smet, Verocious, and others on their way to an 8th place finish. Amherst and Holy Family Catholic met up in the Final (after Amherst beat De Smet on universe). Amherst takes home the Cup, 15-9.

Pro Ultimate


  • Windy City Wildfire @ Madison Radicals: Pretty exciting game went down to the wire. AJ Nelson continues his dominant downfield play for the Wildfire, but can’t save them from the home team. Madison wins, 22-21.
  • Rochester Dragons @ NY Empire: The battle of New York, as it has been dubbed, went down in the first weekend. Empire’s Isaiah Bryant had a great game, leading them to the W. Empire win, 23-14.
  • Toronto Rush @ DC Breeze: Not a pretty day for Ultimate, and the conditions reflected in some sloppy play. Alas, the Breeze could not adjust and the Rush opened up early and didn’t relent. Toronto wins, 30-13.
  • Minnesota Wind Chill @ Indy Alleycats: Missing some studs, but James Hron turned in a nasty line with 10 goals. Keenan Plew with a strong performance for the home crowd, but Minnesota wins, 34-25.
  • NJ Hammerheads @ Rochester Dragons: Anthony Sapachino picked up the first Sportscenter Top 10 play of the season, but showed he had substance to match the flash. The Hammerheads blew the game open in the second half, dominating on the way to a Hammerhead victory, 29-13.
  • Toronto Rush @ Philadelphia Phoenix: Defying most pundits expectations, the hometown Phoenix gave the Rush all they can handle in their second game of a back to back. However, a second half push from the Rush – led by Lindquist and Masek-Kelly – was enough to eke out a victory. Rush win, 26-25.
  • Minnesota Wind Chill @ Cincinnati Revolution: A tight game all the way through, the Wind Chill came off a big opening win over the Alleycats. Cinci rode their D-line, continually battling the talent Wind Chill offense, and when the bell tolled, it was a Cincinnati win, 22-21.
  • Madison Radicals @ Detroit Mechanix: The Mechanix and new star Ken Porter make their debut as Madison goes for the second end of the back to back. This one went to double OT. KP makes a huge, injurious layout D, and Detroit is able to punch it in to Ben Ayers for the Mechanix win, 25-24 (2OT)


  • NY Rumble @ Boston Whitecaps: After a crazy week in Boston, things got a bit simpler on the field. Jeff Graham proved a very tough matchup and the Rumble O-line struggled early. They wouldn’t recover, Boston wins, 19-16.
  • Portland Stags @ SF Dogfish: In a scrappy game, The Dogfish took an early lead, but could never get away from the Stags. The wind – expected, I guess, in the Bay – kept either team from being super efficient. Dogfish win, 14-11.
  • Philadelphia Spinners @ DC Current: A fantastic back and forth game where the lead almost never exceeded a point. Heard it was a lively atmosphere, too. In the end, the experienced Spinners were able to mount a late comeback, Spinners win, 18-16.
  • Vancouver Nighthawks @ Seattle Rainmakers: A crowd of 1500 is a great sign for Seattle and MLU. Strong play from Moses Rifkin and Matty Zemel allowed Seattle to put together a big lead just out of half, 14-6. However, Pottinger and the ‘Hawks relentlessly fought back, putting in six straight to make it 14-12. Time ran out on their comeback, Seattle wins, 14-12.

USAU College Series

Atlantic Coast


Women’s: Carolina Conference (AC) saw the top two (#1 seed North Carolina and #2 seed UNC-Wilmington) dominate all competition on their way to battling in the Final. Wilmington Seaweed wins the Conference, 15-13.

Tickets Punched: UNC-Wilmington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, Duke, Appalachian St.

Metro East

Western New York

Open: #1 seed Cornell returns to the throne after losing it last year, defeating a surprising #4 seed Queens-Kingston team 15-5 in the Final. Syracuse struggled a bit this weekend, but still punches a ticket.

Tickets Punched: Cornell, SUNY-Buffalo, Queens-Kingston, Syracuse, RIT

Women’s: #1 seed Ottawa had some tough games against #2 seed Cornell and #4 seed SUNY-Buffalo, but emerged unscathed. That puts them in the driver’s seat for what should be a very interesting Metro East Regionals. Mysterious #6 seed Syracuse continues to be mercurial, beating SUNY-Buffalo and then losing to them later the same day.

Tickets Punched: Ottawa, Rochester, Cornell, SUNY-Buffalo, Syracuse, Cornell-B

Hudson Valley

Open: #1 seed Connecticut goes unchallenged while #2 seed Central Conn State and #3 seed Yale trade wins. Yale gets the one that matters to earn the right to get leveled by Connecticut in the Final 15-5. All three earn bids.

Tickets Punched: Connecticut, Yale, Central Connecticut State

New England

Greater New England

Women’s: The Weekend Slate noted curiosity at how #1 seed Dartmouth and #2 seed Vermont would do against one another. Dartmouth walked through competition Saturday while Vermont was upset twice. However, Vermount fought through the bracket and nearly took the Conference, Dartmouth winning 11-10 in the Final.

Tickets Punched: Dartmouth, Vermont, Middlebury, New Hampshire, Brown, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine


Big Sky

Women’s: #1 seed Utah loses both games by a combined three points. Montana goes 2-0, making them the Big Sky Conference Championships and earning them a spot at Regionals.

Tickets Punched: Montana


Open: Every year, we learn the lesson that expectations don’t always match performance, and someone surprising gets bounced in Conferences. This year’s victim is #2 seed Oregon State, who went 1-5 in pool play, including a 13-3 loss to Oregon. They’d wind up losing the game to go to #5 seed Western Washington, 11-8. #4 seed Washington has a great weekend and finishes second.

Tickets Punched: Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Victoria, Western Washington

Pacific Coast

Women’s: Ultiworld has a full writeup of what they dub “the most competitive conference in the country.” For all the drama, it goes to seed. #1 seed Oregon beats #2 seed UBC 13-11 in the Final. #4 seed Victoria showed they are for real, giving games to UBC and #3 seed Washington. #5 seed Western Washington snags the last bid.

Tickets Punched: Oregon, British Columbia, Washington, Victoria, Western Washington

Ohio Valley

East Penn

Open: #1 seed Penn was challenged only once (a 15-14 win over St. Joseph’s in pool play) on their way to the Conference Championship. #3 seed Temple upset #2 seed Millersville in pool play, but falls to #6 seed West Chester in pool play (which kept them from locking up a bid) and again in the game to go.

Tickets Punched: Penn, St. Joseph’s, Millersville, West Chester

South Central

Rocky Mountain

Women’s: #1 seed Colorado didn’t have it easy in their Conference win, their Final victory coming 12-10 over #2 seed Colorado College. Colorado College would lose the ensuing third place game to #3 seed Colorado State.

Tickets Punched: Colorado, Colorado State, Colorado College



Women’s: After a pool play challenge from #2 seed Arizona, #1 seed Arizona State cruised through to win the Conference.

Tickets Punched: Arizona State


Open: #2 seed UC-Santa Barbara takes a loss at the hands of the other three top four seeds while #3 seed San Diego State had a win over the other three top four teams. Everyone and their grandma gets a bid (although 11 teams is a huge Conference).

Tickets Punched: San Diego State, UC-San Diego, UCLA, UC-Santa Barbara, Azusa Pacific, Pomona, UC-Irvine, Long Beach

Up Calls: Nexgen, Highlight Videos, and Pro Ultimate talk

It was a very very busy weekend with Conference Championships (which I’ll cover in a separate Up Calls), but that’s not the only news. Don’t worry, got you covered:

  • Nexgen, probably inspired by my choices for a ladies team, decided to release their roster. I didn’t publish my article on the guy’s team because I didn’t finish it, but I did pick Jay Clark & Aaron Honn as locks (boom!) but also picked Dalton Smith as a lock (swing & a miss), so you’ll just have to take my word on that.
  • UNC has been pretty good about putting videos out, and they dropped another in their ACCUC highlights.
  • There’s a new blog that’s covering the ground on AUDL, MLU, and pro Ultimate in general, so check out SemiProUltimate.
  • The AUDL kicked off with a pair of games: the Indy Alleycats beat the Detroit Mechanix and the Windy City Wildfire dominated the Cincinnati Revolution. Hope your Fantasy Team sucked (cause I’m trying to win)!
  • The MLU is on their way

Stay tuned, Conference Championships will be covered shortly! Later this week, we’ll talk Southeast Women’s, next weekend’s Conference Championships, and the upcoming drama of Regionals.

Up Calls: Weekend Results, MLU Ultimate app, Chasing Sarasota on Netflix

Even in a relatively low key few days, still some things to cover, so here is what you may have missed:

  • New England Open headlines the tournament slate, the last stanza of the regular season. It creates some great storylines for the region, which – if they only get two bids – may be the most exciting in the country. Dartmouth Pain Train won three close games in a row over SDSU, Tufts, and Harvard in the Final to take home the crown. Tufts and Harvard were dominant Saturday but neither could get their first win over Dartmouth. Eyes will be on the bid situation (literal #bidwatch) to see if the NE did enough to pull a third bid.
  • The most notable Women’s action of the weekend was in Princeton, NJ at Garden State III. Bowdoin topped Vermont in the Final 13-7, capping off a 7-0 weekend where they were mostly unchallenged. In fact, Bowdoin is undefeated this season, but they are a D-III team. Penn and NYU were the other Semis teams. Shouts to American University, 5-2 on the weekend with a 10th place finish.
  • In a really cool move, MLU rebranded the Championship Ultimate mobile game app as an MLU game, with the teams and rosters imported.
  • Chasing Sarasota is trying to get onto Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and other digital distributors with a FB campaign. Get on board, there’s prizes!
  • Ultiworld and Glenn Poole analyze the footage of Wisconsin vs. Pittsburgh from Warm Up.
  • The folks at r/ultimate are compiling a Reddit list of Club Tryouts, useful stuff.
  • A special thanks to everyone who checked out the Nexxgen Women’s Ultimate article or passed along the link. Definitely the most popular article in FFH’s very brief history.
  • Auburn goes undefeated on the weekend to finish their regular season by winning Freaknik. They beat Oberlin in the Final, and won a double game point battle with Emory in the Semi. Oberlin beat GSU in the other Semi.
  • Penn wins Big Moose Disc, Northern Iowa waltzes through Frozen River Valley Open, NYU goes home the champs of Garden State III, Chicago takes the Kentucky Classic, and Colorado College wins the Rocky Mountain Invitational.
  • In Southeast Women’s action, Georgia Tech went 3-0 in the one day round robin that was Freaknik. Clemson finished 2-1, GSU 1-2, and SCAD 0-3.

With little going on this week, the next two weeks will be all about analyzing the season past and what to watch at Conference Championships.

Up Calls: Weekend Results, MLU Rosters, NexGen Tour 2013

Plenty going down in recent days around the fields, so here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Predictable finals over at Easterns Qualifier, where UNC-W topped Ohio 15-10. Ohio continues to play well up until late Sunday, where they fold to teams from the upper Carolina state. Brown and Michigan finish strong weekends in the Semis, while my picks crapped the bed (Bama, Cinci).
  • Sticking with Open, Florida cruised to a win at Trouble In Vegas, which just ain’t what it used to be. Florida’s only close game was their first against BYU. Canada’s U23 team controlled their games until losing to Florida in the finals. ASU dominated Saturday, but faltered Sunday.
  • The big Women’s tournament was Midwest Throwdown. Iowa’s win from the two seed isn’t shocking, but there were tons of upsets, with a whopping FIVE Division I teams losing their crossover with Division II squads and failing to make the Championship bracket (including Pool A winner Northwestern and powerhouse Wisconsin). The other big story was Minnesota, who rose from the 7th seed to beat Iowa St. (#6 in Ultiworld’s Power Rankings) (twice), Iowa (#8), and Wisconsin (#14) on their way to a loss to Iowa.
  • MLU rosters have been rapidly emerging, revealing a vast majority the league’s new recruits are elite club players. The Boston Whitecaps, Seattle Rainmakers, Portland Stags, and DC Current have all published rosters filled with recognizable names.
  • Mitch Cihon: you may only vaguely know the name now, but he’ll soon be a bigger name, as the first signee for NexGen 2013. The driving engine of Ohio’s growth to a nationals-level team, Cihon was talked about as the mysterious addition last season (which wound up being Chris Kocher). We will see who will join him as we hear more.
  • USAU’s U23 team will likely have their roster out soon, as the guys are already finding out whether or not they made the cut.
  • FFH is nearing 100 followers on Twitter, so if ya wanna get in on that, consider this plug…well, consider it a plug!

With pro leagues ramping up, three big tournaments this coming weekend, and other odds and ends, don’t expect the news to slow down. Stay tuned!

Up Calls: Club Nationals, Callahan Nominations, and Weekend Slate

Up Calls will give you some quick hits on the news du jour

  • USAU announced the location of the Club Championships this year, and it ain’t Sarasota! Looks like teams will be chasing Frisco, TX now, October 17-20th. This is a great sign, because it is hosted at the FC Dallas (MLS team) complex, which means the showcase games and finals will be in a big stadium and I expect USAU to drive traffic. And don’t think it escaped folks that there will be “nationally broadcast semifinal rounds and championship games from Memorial Stadium.”
  • If you didn’t see earlier, Skyd announced they are taking over the Callahan Award. Once nomination process is complete, the Skyd Award Committee will pick the Skyd Five: 5 ladies and 5 dudes to be profiled as the frontrunners. Some drama ensued (see the comments section in the above article), but I think it’ll end up better from where we were. Nomination date was pushed back a few days from today, though.
  • On the Women’s side, the weekend is highlighted by the small but competitive Women’s Easterns field and the Stanford Open on the west coast. We’ll also see some regional action at Bonanza and TTown Throwdown. More on this in the Weekend Slate.
  • On the Open side, keep an eye on the Standford Open and Hellfish Bonanza, and regional matchups abound at Cat Fight, Cowbell Classic, Hendrix Ultimate Experience, and Hotlanta ’13.
  • MLU announced a partnership with UltiPhotos are their official image provider.