Up Calls: Regionals Finale, Your 2013 USAU College Championships Field, Pro Scoreboard, #MickleMania


  • Colorado’s Jimmy Mickle has his Callahan video out, so check out #MickleMania.
  • Claudia Tajima of Tufts also has her Callahan video out. Zilla sighting!
  • Check out this big time Callahan by Piers McNaughton at NE Regionals (via Ultiworld).
  • Speaking of Callahan, the award voting is now open (and women’s, hey-o)! Keep an eye out for my Endorsement pieces this week.
  • ~2300 people hit up the Toronto Rush game. Let that speak for itself.
  • Can someone tell me where the dramatic All-Region conversations are? Callahan voting is also around the corner, let’s get some overhype and scattered sightings of mean-spirited responses!
  • Our 2013 USAU College Championships field is set; they are listed at the end of this post.


  • DC Current @ PHI Spinners: The host Spinners took early control of the game, behind the usual suspect of Sean Murray, Nick Hirranet, and help from Leon Chou. However, DC was able to recover in the third and fourth quarter, anchored by the steady play of Alan Kolick & Calvin Oung, and some huge plays from Brian Marshall. A run in the 4th quarter put the game away, Current win 18-15.
  • BOS Whitecaps @ NY Rumble:
  • SEA Rainmakers @ SF Dogfish: Both teams shorthanded. Seattle jumped out to a 4-1 lead, with San Fran miscues giving the visitors repeated offensive looks. Mario O’Brien’s good work and patience from the Rainmakers helped make that lead 10-5 at half. Some SF zone and Seattle mechanical mistakes helped the Dogfish roar back to 11-12. Each team would have trouble with drops, but the Dogfish would punch it in for 15-14, their first lead, with 2:01 left. Dogfish come back to win, 16-14.
  • POR Stags @ VAN Nighthawks: These two lit up the scoreboard on a warm night in Vancouver. Vancouver had the disc moving quickly through the hands of Mauro Ortiz and Oscar Pottinger and into the hands of Jason Tessarolo. Portland continued to deliver impressive hucks, their deep game hitting stride, but not able to get the stops necessary to pull out the win they desperate seek. Vancouver wins, 24-21.


  • MAD Radicals @ MIN Wind Chill (Friday): A fairly close game through the first half, Madison was able to to a 7-5 lead despite Austin Lien’s 3 assists for the Wind Chill.
  • DET Mechanix @ MIN Wind Chill: I believe both teams were missing some of their playmakers, and with the MWC coming off a very recent loss to Madison, it would be a tough day. Detroit would go up 19-13 going into to the 4th quarter, and Minnesota could never get back into it. Detroit wins, 22-16.
  • NY Empire @ DC Breeze: The visiting Empire jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, running that to 9-2 behind Alon Brown and Izzy Bryant. The Breeze could never get into this one, looking a bit like the week one squad. Empire win, 25-11.
  • TOR Rush @ NJ Hammerheads: A game of runs, the Rush opened the game with an 8-1 lead. New Jersey would close back to 12-7, but the Rush responded, charging back to a 20-8 half time lead. From there, they cruised, and Toronto wins, 31-18.
  • WC Wildfire @ IND Alleycats: Despite strong play from former Alleycat, Brodie Smith, this one was tightly contested to 10-9, WCW. The Wildfire, with more strong work from Geoff Serednesky, would push out to 15-10 and not look back. Great game for Keenan Plew, dropping 6 goals and 4 assists, but not enough for Indy. Windy City wins, 25-17.
  • PHI Phoenix @ DC Breeze (Sunday): An early, but small lead for Philly would carry to half, TJ Ryan and Glenn Poole keeping the Breeze in it, 12-10. The third quarter would be tight as well, ending 16-16, but the Phoenix would control the 4th with a 7-2 run. Philly wins, 23-18.
  • DET Mechanix @ CIN Revolution (Sunday): An exciting and tight one throughout, the teams traded, Cinci relying on Ryan Sitler, Ryan Gorman, and Isaac Jeffries and Detroit funneling through Dave Hochhalter and Ben Ayers. Mark Fedorenko would score the last two for the home team, helping Cinci get a 23-22 win.
  • ROC Dragons @ NJ Hammerheads (Sunday): In the first half, New Jersey, coming off a back to back, would go down a couple of points. Rochester would maintain a 2-3 point lead all game, pushing that out to a five point differential late. Dragons win, 20-15.

USAU College Series


  • In the New England Region, two bids were up, and the first played out as expected. Tufts was dominant (matching the bar set by Ohio State), never giving up more than five points. The surprise was in the second bid, where Middlebury upset Dartmouth 15-14 in the Backdoor Semi. Northeastern, coming down from a 15-4 loss in the Final to Tufts, took advantage of the rest, cruising to a 15-5 win to take the bid they won in the regular season.
  • North Central Regionals had five great teams fighting to place in their five bids. The top end of the pools went to seed, save Carleton’s 10-9 upset over Iowa. The surprise came when Carleton beat Iowa State 12-10 in the Championship game to win the Region. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota would round things out in that order.
  • After weather postponement, weekly rain, muddy conditions, and hours of travel, Southeast Regionals did deliver some impressive performances. Early Saturday, Florida nearly upset Florida State, going down on double game. #1 seed Georgia Dawgma looked unstoppable, but later struggled against Central Florida and Emory. In the end, Georgia overpowered everyone to win the Region. After Florida shocked Florida State Sunday to end their season, Central Florida took advantage of a tired Fuel squad to win the second bid. I’ll likely have a more detailed look Wednesday.
  • At Northwest Regionals, the top three all took care of business, with Oregon beating Washington in a tight 11-10 Final. Washington, after falling in a surprise upset to Western Washington, blew out British Columbia Saturday, 15-5. A great performance like that, coupled with the Oregon Final, makes them a title contender. Meanwhile, #4 seed Victoria fell to Whitman Saturday in Pool Play, but fought back in the Backdoor Bracket, where they’d rematch in the game to go. Whitman would assert themselves, taking control and win 15-10 to take the last bid for the Northwest. UBC was missing two of their top 3 players for the Canadian World Games team, so expect them to be stronger in Madison than they were in Eugene.
  • Few things went as expected at Southwest Regionals, although the top seed in each pool won all their games. #3 seed Sonoma State faltered, going 2-3. Stanford would upset UC-Santa Barabra 12-11 in the Final to win the region. In the backdoor bracket, UCLA would beat Cal for the second time on the weekend, earning a run at UCSB for the game to go. The favorited Burning Skirts took no prisoners, winning 15-4.

College Championship Field

  • Virginia Hydra
  • Texas Melee
  • Ohio State Fever
  • Ottawa Lady GeeGees
  • Northwestern Gung Ho
  • Oregon Fugue
  • British Columbia Thunderbirds
  • Washington Element
  • Whitman Lady Sweets
  • Tufts Ewo
  • Northeastern Valkyrie
  • Georgia Dawgma
  • Central Florida Sirens
  • Carleton Syzygy
  • Iowa State Woman Scorned
  • Iowa Saucy Nancy
  • Wisconsin Bella Donna
  • Minnesota Ninja
  • Stanford Superfly
  • UC-Santa Barbara Burning Skirts


  • Everyone’s talking about the epic game to go posted by Ultiworld from New England Regionals. I’ll brag and say I called Harvard emerging, as I’m a big fan of their playmakers and discipline. They’d top Tufts in the Semi and roll through Dartmouth in the Final. Dartmouth and Tufts would engage in the aforementioned game to go, Tufts taking the early lead, but Dartmouth’s zone finally clamping down in the late game. Pain Train wins, 15-14.
  • No region had a bigger shocker than the North Central. There was some foreshadowing, as while the top three went undefeated (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Carleton), Iowa went from 4th in Pool B to 2nd. The rival Hodags and CUT each bested their Semi opponent, Carleton knocking out Minnesota, to meet in the Final. Wisconsin would take the 14-11 win. Meanwhile, Minnesota found themselves in trouble in the Backdoor Bracket, a hot Iowa team giving them their money’s worth. in the end, Iowa, who lost to Grey Duck 15-6 on Saturday, would pull the upset, 14-12. They’d play Luther – who must have felt a renewed energy – in the game to go, but could not continue on. Luther swooped in, winning 15-11, and will head to Madison. Minnesota, who lost just three games this year, loses two at the wrong time and misses out.
  • After a much maligned weather postponement last weekend, Southeast Regionals was a muddy, wet, scrappy affair with lots of close games. In the Front Door Bracket, the first victim was Florida State, falling to rival Florida, 12-11. UCF would roll Florida in the Semi and Georgia and Georgia Tech would have a crazy wild game filled with big plays. Georgia Tech’s 5-0 lead would evaporate and Georgia would win, 12-10. UCF would top Georgia in a placement game, with both earning bids, 15-10. Meanwhile, Florida State and Florida would rematch in the final game to go. Another epic game would ensue, two very evenly matched teams going toe to toe. This time, FSU emerged, on a big layout score from star Chris Laroque, 15-14.
  • The drama of seeding may still remain a topic after Southwest Regionals did not go as expected. Arizona beat Stanford in the Front Door Semis while UC-Davis beat UC-Santa Cruz. The surprise would come from Davis topping Sunburn, 12-9, to win the region. The Backdoor Bracket would often see the fresher team emerging, Stanford and UCSC winning their games, Stanford topping the battle between the two, but then falling to Arizona in a dramatic 12-11 game to go.

College Championships Field

  • Texas TUFF
  • Colorado Mamabird
  • North Carolina Darkside
  • UNC-Wilmington Seamen
  • Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur
  • Ohio Ultimate
  • Cornell Buds
  • Oregon Ego
  • Washington Sundodgers
  • Illinois Ultimate
  • Harvard Redline
  • Dartmouth Pain Train
  • Central Florida Dogs of War
  • Georgia Jojah
  • Florida State DUF
  • Wisconsin Hodags
  • Carleton CUT
  • Luther LUFDA
  • UC-Davis Dogs
  • Arizona Sunburn

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