Up Calls: Nexgen, Highlight Videos, and Pro Ultimate talk

It was a very very busy weekend with Conference Championships (which I’ll cover in a separate Up Calls), but that’s not the only news. Don’t worry, got you covered:

  • Nexgen, probably inspired by my choices for a ladies team, decided to release their roster. I didn’t publish my article on the guy’s team because I didn’t finish it, but I did pick Jay Clark & Aaron Honn as locks (boom!) but also picked Dalton Smith as a lock (swing & a miss), so you’ll just have to take my word on that.
  • UNC has been pretty good about putting videos out, and they dropped another in their ACCUC highlights.
  • There’s a new blog that’s covering the ground on AUDL, MLU, and pro Ultimate in general, so check out SemiProUltimate.
  • The AUDL kicked off with a pair of games: the Indy Alleycats beat the Detroit Mechanix and the Windy City Wildfire dominated the Cincinnati Revolution. Hope your Fantasy Team sucked (cause I’m trying to win)!
  • The MLU is on their way

Stay tuned, Conference Championships will be covered shortly! Later this week, we’ll talk Southeast Women’s, next weekend’s Conference Championships, and the upcoming drama of Regionals.

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