Open Bidwatch: One Mystery Remains

Top 25

The final rankings, in a preliminary form, have been posted by USAU for the 2013 Open college regular season. With all the on field stuff completed, the bid picture is nearly finalized. Between Wednesday, when the rankings were first presented, and Friday, when they are finalized, the USAU will verify as many teams and results as they can. Let’s take a look at where we are currently.


The top 10 remains the exact same as before, and a few minor changes take place in the 10-15 range. The results from New England Open make a slight impact, with Harvard jumping Ohio with their move from #12 to #11. Arizona and Tufts switch spots, Arizona moving up from #15 to #13. In the back end, Victoria and Georgia – neither in the top 20 – drop out of the top 25, replaced by Oregon State (who Ultiworld really likes) and Las Positas. All of the drama, of course, comes from the bid picture.


Here’s the 20 teams holding a bid, with the autobid team in each region italicized.

  • AC (2): #2 North Carolina, #17 UNC-Wilmington
  • GL (1): #36 Michigan
  • ME (1): #46 Princeton
  • NC (3): #1 Wisconsin, #3 Minnesota, #7 Carleton
  • NE (2): #11 Harvard, #15 Tufts
  • NW (2): #5 Oregon, #16 Whitman
  • OV (2): #4 Pittsburgh, #12 Ohio
  • SC (2): #6 Texas, #10 Colorado
  • SE (3): #8 Central Florida, #9 Florida State, #13 Florida
  • SW (2): #14 Arizona, #18 Stanford

A trio of teams all had a pretty good shot of claiming the final bid spot, #18, in the rankings. Stanford, Northern Iowa, and Dartmouth were all nervously hoping they had done enough, coming off Dartmouth’s win of the New England Open. A fourth team, Texas A&M, sat by curiously, wondering if there was a way for them to move. Would Dartmouth’s move push them above the threshold? Would Northern Iowa stand pat? Would Stanford’s Easterns win over Dartmouth combine with Pain Train’s recent success to propel Stanford into the bid picture? Or would TAMU’s close loss to Harvard help them?

The answer is that we aren’t quite sure what led to Stanford holding the #18 spot, 11 points ahead of #19 TAMU, 24 ahead of #20 Dartmouth, and 28 ahead of #21 Northern Iowa. Stanford was boosted by Dartmouth’s performance, but it also helped that two of their losses – 8-9 to UC-San Diego and 5-11 to British Columbia, both from Santa Barbara Invite – are not currently validated as those teams deal with what we suspect are roster issues. Texas A&M lost a 13-2 win over UT-Arlington, Dartmouth lost a 14-13 win over Connecticut at New England Open, and Northern Iowa lost three wins of their own. Considering how small the differences in points are, it is very possible that, come Friday’s finalized rankings, a different team and region will claim the final strength bid in the #18 spot. The countdown begins tomorrow as the same teams anxiously await the announcement, hoping to find out the directions they need to take to get the Madison.

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