Up Calls: Weekend Results, MLU Ultimate app, Chasing Sarasota on Netflix

Even in a relatively low key few days, still some things to cover, so here is what you may have missed:

  • New England Open headlines the tournament slate, the last stanza of the regular season. It creates some great storylines for the region, which – if they only get two bids – may be the most exciting in the country. Dartmouth Pain Train won three close games in a row over SDSU, Tufts, and Harvard in the Final to take home the crown. Tufts and Harvard were dominant Saturday but neither could get their first win over Dartmouth. Eyes will be on the bid situation (literal #bidwatch) to see if the NE did enough to pull a third bid.
  • The most notable Women’s action of the weekend was in Princeton, NJ at Garden State III. Bowdoin topped Vermont in the Final 13-7, capping off a 7-0 weekend where they were mostly unchallenged. In fact, Bowdoin is undefeated this season, but they are a D-III team. Penn and NYU were the other Semis teams. Shouts to American University, 5-2 on the weekend with a 10th place finish.
  • In a really cool move, MLU rebranded the Championship Ultimate mobile game app as an MLU game, with the teams and rosters imported.
  • Chasing Sarasota is trying to get onto Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and other digital distributors with a FB campaign. Get on board, there’s prizes!
  • Ultiworld and Glenn Poole analyze the footage of Wisconsin vs. Pittsburgh from Warm Up.
  • The folks at r/ultimate are compiling a Reddit list of Club Tryouts, useful stuff.
  • A special thanks to everyone who checked out the Nexxgen Women’s Ultimate article or passed along the link. Definitely the most popular article in FFH’s very brief history.
  • Auburn goes undefeated on the weekend to finish their regular season by winning Freaknik. They beat Oberlin in the Final, and won a double game point battle with Emory in the Semi. Oberlin beat GSU in the other Semi.
  • Penn wins Big Moose Disc, Northern Iowa waltzes through Frozen River Valley Open, NYU goes home the champs of Garden State III, Chicago takes the Kentucky Classic, and Colorado College wins the Rocky Mountain Invitational.
  • In Southeast Women’s action, Georgia Tech went 3-0 in the one day round robin that was Freaknik. Clemson finished 2-1, GSU 1-2, and SCAD 0-3.

With little going on this week, the next two weeks will be all about analyzing the season past and what to watch at Conference Championships.

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