Up Calls: Centex 2013, Dobbyns Responds to BVH, Dream Cup Video

Weekly dose of what’s been going down lately:

  • Tourney results this past weekend boil down to Open Centex, where hometown Texas TUFF – minus stud Will Driscoll – finished off an undefeated weekend with a win over Harvard in the final, 13-10. Two-seed Eastern Michigan – in our first look at them against elite competition – fell to 15th with one win on the weekend, over the other struggling two-seed, Virginia. Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Oklahoma both went from last seed in their pool (Oklahoma last seed overall) to finishing 3rd and 9th respectively. Georgetown also went undefeated Saturday, upsetting Texas A&M and EMU, but faltered Sunday, failing to win a game.
  • Looking specifically at Open #bidwatch, Harvard did more than enough to protect their strength bid. Texas A&M had a solid showing, but their 14-6 domination of EMU may not mean much considering the Great Lakes team’s weekend. Dozen’s loss to Georgetown won’t do them any favors either. Georgia Tech may have gone 4-3, but no big wins, and losses to Kansas and Oklahoma hurt. Kansas had a solid showing, I’m thinking.
  • Ben Van Heuvelen’s piece on the changes in Ultimate and the impact on its culture has been very popular. Influential Ultimate legend Ken Dobbyn’s pens an interesting response on Skyd. The conversation continues!
  • Skyd also has some footage from the USAU All Stars at Japan’s Dream Cup, here against Japan’s Hot Scream and here against the Japanese U-23 team. The All Stars lost to incumbent Japanese juggernaut, Buzz Bullets, in the final.
  • I’m a big fan of this video from Stanford Invite, a beautiful look at our beautiful game, brought to you by Scott Roeder Photography.
  • Callahan Nomination deadline is extended. If you haven’t yet put one up, here’s Arizona’s Brice Dixon’s video submission to inspire you.

This weekend we’ve got a bunch of great tournaments, including arguably the two biggest tournaments of the season: Easterns for the boys, Centex for the girls. I’ve got a couple of other things I’m working on, too, so stay tuned.

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