Midwest Throwdown Women’s 13: 7 Stars Line

The wind separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls, so they say. With plenty on the line and conditions backing up the defense, these players imposed their will on both their opponents and the elements. Here is your Midwest Throwdown 7 Stars Line presented by Full Field Hammer.

Sara Pesch (Iowa State) really stood out to me this weekend, one of the few throwers who seemed unfazed by the Saturday gusts. Oftentimes, she also seemed unaffected by her opponents’ marks or cups, dropping in high release lefty backhands like she was tossing on the quad. Pesch showed off a full arsenal of throws and seemed like she was having a lot of fun initiating the Woman Scorned offense. With her at the helm, Woman Scorned often turns into Woman Scored.

Kat Songer (Kansas) was a machine for Kansas and a big part of their run. I had been warned to watch her coming into the weekend – especially for her notorious inside out flick – and neither she nor the throw in question disappointed. She was able to cut through the wind with her combination of power and touch, able to also hit small windows in zone, but hustled to get the disc back so she could advance the Betty offense.

Greta Regan (Minnesota) managed to stand out in the little I got to watch of Minnesota, even surrounded by a strong handling group. I wasn’t sure, at first, which Regan was which, because Greta looked like a poised veteran, which shouldn’t surprise based on her experience. I know it is cliche and tired to describe freshmen with youth experience this way, so I apologize. She threw some very pretty hucks I had to marvel at.

Liza Minor (Iowa) is a force for Saucy Nancy. She’s a tireless cutter with the ability to continue the disc effectively, but the judiciousness to take easy dumps and get right back to the grind. Every team loves to have a player like Liza. Not only that, but she also played some great defense, disciplined but aggressive in the many different looks Iowa displayed. She’s the only lady to make it on both 7 Stars Lines.

Sarah Meckstroth (Minnesota) can be summed out by “break out”. She approached unguardable. There are very few girls I’d choose to match up another team’s deep threat over Cami Nelson, but Meckstroth handled match ups with Nelson and fellow defensive all star Becca Miller. You wanna be the best, gotta beat the best, right? Well, mission accomplished.

Magon Liu (Iowa State) defies description sometimes. If she wasn’t on a deep team like Woman Scorned, I’d maybe call her the Callahan frontrunner. She doesn’t have to do that much for the ladies in the red and black, but when they ask her to do something, she makes the exceptional look routine. Plus her layouts are otherworldly. Does she have a fan club? Where do I sign up for it?

Lien Hoffman (Northwestern) is back, so watch out. Carol Li and Angel Li must be thankful to have a cutter like Lien to work with, with a devastating first step (and steps four through five ain’t bad either, she gets to top speed quick) that makes her such a threat going away from the disc, but her skills make you not want to let her in. Her defensive capabilities give her the ability to match up with – and best – elite cutters.

Honorable mentions: Jen Nowak (Iowa), Cami Nelson (Iowa St.), Emily Regan (Minnesota), Mindi DePaolo (Minnesota), DePalmas (Minnesotas), Chelsea Twohig (Iowa), Carol Li (Northwestern), Danielle Blatt (Wash U)

Wish I could have seen Valparaiso, Colorado State, Wisconsin, and knew the name of the Eau Claire girl who impressed me this weekend.

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