Up Calls: Weekend Results, MLU Rosters, NexGen Tour 2013

Plenty going down in recent days around the fields, so here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Predictable finals over at Easterns Qualifier, where UNC-W topped Ohio 15-10. Ohio continues to play well up until late Sunday, where they fold to teams from the upper Carolina state. Brown and Michigan finish strong weekends in the Semis, while my picks crapped the bed (Bama, Cinci).
  • Sticking with Open, Florida cruised to a win at Trouble In Vegas, which just ain’t what it used to be. Florida’s only close game was their first against BYU. Canada’s U23 team controlled their games until losing to Florida in the finals. ASU dominated Saturday, but faltered Sunday.
  • The big Women’s tournament was Midwest Throwdown. Iowa’s win from the two seed isn’t shocking, but there were tons of upsets, with a whopping FIVE Division I teams losing their crossover with Division II squads and failing to make the Championship bracket (including Pool A winner Northwestern and powerhouse Wisconsin). The other big story was Minnesota, who rose from the 7th seed to beat Iowa St. (#6 in Ultiworld’s Power Rankings) (twice), Iowa (#8), and Wisconsin (#14) on their way to a loss to Iowa.
  • MLU rosters have been rapidly emerging, revealing a vast majority the league’s new recruits are elite club players. The Boston Whitecaps, Seattle Rainmakers, Portland Stags, and DC Current have all published rosters filled with recognizable names.
  • Mitch Cihon: you may only vaguely know the name now, but he’ll soon be a bigger name, as the first signee for NexGen 2013. The driving engine of Ohio’s growth to a nationals-level team, Cihon was talked about as the mysterious addition last season (which wound up being Chris Kocher). We will see who will join him as we hear more.
  • USAU’s U23 team will likely have their roster out soon, as the guys are already finding out whether or not they made the cut.
  • FFH is nearing 100 followers on Twitter, so if ya wanna get in on that, consider this plug…well, consider it a plug!

With pro leagues ramping up, three big tournaments this coming weekend, and other odds and ends, don’t expect the news to slow down. Stay tuned!

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